Tallowwood Decking Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury

Adina tallowwood decking

Oliver’s Carpentry recently had the pleasure of working for the Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury. We replaced the decking on 16 of their balconies with 86mm x 19mm Tallowwood decking, an Australian Eucalyptus known for its superior durability.

Tallow Wood is the only decking available in Australia with a durability of Class 1, which means it is guaranteed to last 40 + years even if its in the ground! A fantastic choice for longevity and an even better choice for looks. Being a Eucalipt, Tallowwood has natural oils which assist it in barriers against pests and deterioration, these factors assist in making this type of timber a class 1 durable hardwood. These decks have a perfect range of texture and a nice even spread of colours, two coats of oil and stainless steel screws gave us a stunning result. We have great success screwing down our hardwood decks and use a pre drill coutersinking method which allows consistency and clean flush finishes on every screw.

We hope these Decks allow the guests of Adina to enjoy the beautiful views of Adelaide city for many years.