Adelaide Decking

Adelaide Decking

Oliver’s Carpentry is an Adelaide Decking dream team. We have managed to source suppliers of the best quality and range of hardwoods Australia has to offer. Not only that but on your free consultation you will get the best advice tailored to your requirements and at no stage will we pressure you into committing to build with us.

We can give you all the details you need to make an informed decision, and we are able to explain every detail of the process so you will feel like an expert after our meeting. The options and decisions of building a deck vary considerably, so we will assist you in understanding the materials, construction and design process and ensure you are left feeling well informed and ready to make the right decision after we finish our meeting.

There is lots of competition in the carpentry field, and we believe we are better than the rest because we are well informed and can give you up to date, relevant information. we have built a wide range of decks with a plethora of different types of hardwoods. We have established strong relationships with our suppliers which enables us to get premium products for bargain prices. We are always getting all the latest information on new technologies and products so you know you aren’t missing out. We ensure to make the construction process enjoyable for both yourselves and us, which results in a job well done every time.

Do you live in a fire risk and need to know potential design issues, maybe you are wanting to avoid putting a hand rail and ballustrading up, but aren’t sure how high to legally build it to ensure compliance. Not sure how often to oil your deck or how else to maintain it? Need ideas on hand rail designs? Maybe you just need to know what is achievable for your back yard and your circumstances? We can answer all these questions and more, in detail, and set you on the right track to enjoy your timber masterpiece.

We actually recommend that you get at least 3 to 4 quotes for your project, This helps you get lots of different peoples opinions and design ideas, maximising the possibilities. Then when you are sick of meeting other tradesmen, call us back and we can collaborate all the ideas and revise the quote to suit.