Flagstaff Hill Adelaide Decking – Australian Jarrah

Adelaide Decking

We recently had the privilege to design and build a timber deck for some clients in Flagstaff Hill. The new addition of their swimming pool required further backyard modifications, and a call was made to Oliver’s Carpentry. After discussing their requirements, and working in with their budget, we came up with a suitable design for them and drew it up so they could easily visualise it themselves.

After discussing decking options and modifying the over all size of the deck, we came to an agreeable price which enabled us to utilise premium grade Australian hardwood decking as the timber selection.

We maximised the usability of the space by merging an existing paved area with a timber deck and aligned our decking seamlessly with the pool coping edge which avoids trip hazards and ensures that the new structure is visually appealing. To ensure we utilised the decking boards to their fullest potential, It was suggested that we close the sides of the structure in with boards run vertically, which enabled us to use all the off-cuts of decking and have no wastage at all. This process is slightly more time consuming than running 2 boards horizontally, but It is worth the effort because it ended up looking fantastic.

After two coats of wattyl decking oil, we managed to bring all the natural colours of this stunning Australian hardwood out, and now its ready for the summer that awaits. We advise re oiling the decking at least twice a year to maximise the longevity of the boards and keep it looking in tip top shape.