Our Team



Chloë Ball
Office Manager

Chloë is responsible for the finances and management of the business. She plays a critical roll in the organisation of jobs behind the scenes, expense reporting, customer relations, sales and marketing promotions. Chloë has helped the business grow by assisting in communication and refining procedures.

Daryl Mcintyre
Senior Carpenter

Daryl Is a qualified carpenter who is generally in charge of the projects he is on. He has a great range of knowledge that he has brought over from Canada and is a huge asset to our company. Daryl tends to get the difficult jobs and his excellent job management skills and communication ensure that the projects he is on are efficient, accurate and all deadlines are concisely met.

Sean Tarone
Senior Carpenter

Sean is a great all rounder, he is competent in all areas of carpentry and able to resolve any issue dealt up without a hitch. Sean has experience on a range of architectural builds and extensions and is an exceptionally skilled tradesman.

Oliver Ball
Managing Director

Oliver is the business owner and is responsible for managing the business. His key rolls include: Estimating, supervising, marketing and job scheduling. He is also still actively on the tools and you will see him onsite regularly.

tbrisco mugshot2
Tom Briscoe
Adult Apprentice

Tom has been able to bring a range of skills to the table since joining our team. He is learning the trade with ease. Toms natural ability to learn quickly will give him a huge advantage in the years to come and he will make a fine tradesman in the coming years. Tom is extremely dedicated and disciplined and he is always the first person to take on night shifts or weekend work. Tom has a background in professional sport and this evident in his ability to bring out the team spirit in everyone on site.

Liam Martin
Trade Assistant

Liam is a recent addition to the team and is quickly being brought up to speed on assisting the carpenters we have. He is currently studying Construction Management and Economics at Uni, however when he isn't getting book smart, he is getting his hands dirty so he will eventually be familiar with on site and off site rolls of the construction industry.

Lachlan Wilson
Trade Assistant

We recently put Lachlan on as a trade assistant to give him some hands on experience in the industry. Lachlan has completed a Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management and Economics ( Honours ) and with the combination of uni and hands on experience Lachy is proving to be an excellent employee.

Jarrad Cotter
Adult Apprentice Carpenter

Jarrad came on board in mid 2016 as a trade assistant. He quickly showed a keen enthusiasm to the trade and strong interest in the projects he was on so we put him on as and adult apprentice which will enable him to further develop his skills in carpentry on and off site.

Mark Burrows
Senior Carpenter

Mark is originally from NewZeland but called Australia home for quite a while now. He brings an excellent work ethic and a sound level of experience with him. Mark's always smiling and clearly passionate about the work he does, this is also evident in his great attention to detail in the work he does. Mark has worked in various Australian companies and brings a wealth of knowledge and range of techniques to the sites he is on.