Oliver’s Carpentry now has the capacity to provide carpentry services to the Mid North S.A! With the growing demand for carpenters in rural areas we have started taking enquiries from towns and surrounding areas including but not limited to: Jamestown 5419, Hallett 5419, Burra 5417, Clare 5453 and Spalding 5454.

If you have any carpentry requirements and are located in or near any of the above-mentioned towns, please feel free to contact Oliver for a quote. If we can’t assist you with the work directly, we can point you in the right direction at the very least.

Oliver’s Carpentry has developed a network of local suppliers through the Mid North to ensure pricing is kept competitive and lead times are minimal. We also ensure local businesses are utilised for any building works where possible, with supporting local businesses being a priority.

We understand current lead times for rural and semi-rural clients are exceptionally higher than that of metropolitan clients. Our mission is to increase efficiency in these areas to promote all building trades and stimulate the industry.

Oliver’s Carpentry’s expansion to rural and semi-rural areas should assist local tradesmen manage their workload. We strongly believe there is an unbalanced ratio of work in these areas compared to numbers of tradesmen, and we intend to correct this.

We have always had healthy relationships with competing businesses and find that this works better than the alternative. We intend to work closely with our competitors enabling us to assist on their projects and likewise they can assist with ours when required. We will also have the capacity to employ locally and train locally, thus increasing the numbers of local tradesmen and potential for employment opportunities.

If you have any carpentry work that you need attending to and live in the Mid North, please feel free to contact Oliver today.

Oliver Ball – 0438-803-835
PO Box 36 Hallett S.A 5419