Company History



Oliver’s employment history took him through a range of employers who all had great businesses and taught him a wide range of skills. Through this time He managed absorb all the things that did and didn’t work for those businesses and on July 1, 2010 Oliver formed his own business and applied all the great things learned from his past employers to form Oliver’s Carpentry.

To highlight a few things learned in those early years, Oliver observed

  • Treating clients with respect which enables clear communication, ensures work done on site is done with care and pride is taken, staff enjoy being on site which then reflects in their workmanship, clients feel comfortable with staff which gives them peace of mind and builds trust.
  • Treating staff with respect which enables staff to work effectively and make sure that they do the best job they can to ensure the business continues to thrive. Staff feel as though they have input in the business and are apart of the businesses growth and development
  • Don’t over work your staff. While it is great to have an abundance of work on, and be able to provide people with the opportunity for employment. Everyone needs a work / life balance, and if this balance is out of skew, staff end up unhappy inside work, outside work or in some cases both, which reflects on their workmanship and has potential to hurt them physically or mentally.
  • Be fair and reasonable. From time to time things don’t always go to plan. Accidents happen, things go wrong, mistakes are made. No one intentionally causes these things to happen and by approaching these incidences by being fair and reasonable it ensures a swift recovery. Lessons are learned, skills are gained, things are fixed and we all move on.

These are just a few things which Oliver managed to learn in his early years in employment, and as the business evolves it is able to learn all new skills in all new areas. Oliver has gone from being a student to being a teacher, from being a tradesman to being a business man, from learning a trade then being required to learn sales, marketing, book keeping, accounting, human relations, conflict resolution, business development and even website development!

The business is still young and we look forward to many more prosperous years of delivering South Australians with the carpentry services they deserve.

  • 2010

    July - Business was established

    Oliver started the business as a sole trader and undertook decking and pergola projects directly with clients, while also subcontracting to builders on small residential projects.

  • 2011

    Employed apprentice

    Due to increased workload, Oliver employed an apprentice through the school based apprenticeship incentive and for 7 months had Matt Stratfold for 3 days a week, which evolved into full time employment.

  • 2013

    Employed second apprentice

    After working for numerous builders doing residential construction, we now had 2 subcontract carpenters working for us and felt the need to employ another apprentice to assist with workload. Brad Rogers was employed at the end of the year.

  • 2015

    Employed third apprentice

    We have now established a wide network of dependable builders and clients, this has allowed us to employ a third apprentice as Matt is nearing completion of his apprenticeship it enabled us to employ Tom Briscoe. Tom started in Feb 2015. This year we have signed on to build 2 architectural extensions, 1 commercial refurbishment project and first fix on a large residential building for an owner builder.