Oliver’s Carpentry – Charity Support

Owning and running a business allows me to provide people with jobs, cars, houses, It allows me to train students into carpenters and give them the skills to earn a living for themselves, It allows our clients to get a high standard of work done on their projects, a range of up to date information and while doing all this it also allows me to make a profit. Generally, the profit we make on jobs goes back into the business,  this is the most effective way of increasing the business size, enabling jobs to be done with more speed and accuracy, and pay our staff respectable wages ensuring they are content.

Each month we also allocate a percentage of our profit to a variety of charities. We find that donating to charities related to any issues we, or our close friends and family go through can ease the helplessness we may feel.

Donating to charities is great for a variety of reasons, It is tax deductible, It helps give you and your business a defined purpose, It will potentially assist people in the future, aid research or even put food on someones plate. It also makes you feel great.

Sometimes when job deadlines are getting closer, the phone wont stop ringing, jobs aren’t going to plan, being a supporter of a variety of charities gives me a chance to take my mind off the business and think about the reason I run this business, and I think that is what sets us apart from a lot of other businesses.

I believe it is very important that clients know, when they utilise our services, not only are they providing employment to our staff, they are also supporting local charities and non profit organisations.


Here are some Charities we regularly support:

Charity support 1 charity support 2 Charity support 3 Charity support 4