Oliver’s Carpentry offers both qualified carpenters and apprentices the opportunity to gain skills in a wide range of carpentry areas. We undertake projects of all types and sizes, and we are able to give people the chance to either refine skills in one particular area, or work on a range of jobs to constantly develop new skills. We have observed that when it comes to careers, some people like consistency and others like variety, and we are able to accommodate to both. At Oliver’s Carpentry we understand people need criticism to improve, however people also need praise and reward when jobs are done well and completed on time and efficiently. We determine what reward system works best for each employee, and taylor an incentive specific to them which allows for a mutually beneficial result for both parties involved. Our focus for employees at Oliver’s Carpentry is communication and respect, if these 2 things are balanced then it is a recipe for success.

Construction Site Health and Wellbeing

Safety is a huge priority on our job sites. We make sure to keep on hand all the required and up to date OHS&W management systems and documentation, for the tasks that are being undertaken. We have an unblemished safe work history and we have systems in place to ensure it remains this way.

Company-Paid Benefits

At Oliver’s Carpentry we ensure that all staff members are paid the required benefits as they need them. Fuel allowance, tool allowance, working away allowance etc, these are all documented and updated at the beginning of every new financial year as required. Employees are all part of the “Building and Construction on-site award 2010.”

Volunteer Benefits

Oliver has been a member of volunteer associations in the past and recognises that people undertake volunteer work after hours and on the weekend that can leave them either sleep deprived, or in some cases fighting fires or performing duties interstate. We can cater to assist in your volunteer services and are happy to assist where possible if you find yourself in this situation.

Training and Career Development

Oliver’s Carpentry have dealt with apprentices in both “group training schemes” and “direct employment” through Business S.A. We have found that direct employment is the preferred method of employment for apprentices, due to the permanency of the placement it allows for a better business relationship, more respect and also allows our apprentices to be put into TAFE Training instead of the inferior alternatives.

We try to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our staff and with the right guidance we can ensure a wide spread of knowledge through the duration of their employment.

Pride in Working With Us

Our ability to have mutual respect and a professional business relationship with our staff ensures clear lines of communication. This results in jobs being completed with increased quality and accuracy. This leads to return customers, word of mouth business, and most importantly it guarantees the work site is an enjoyable place for everyone. With staff that are happy and that enjoy the tasks they are doing, it gives them the ability to take pride in what they are doing rather than treat it like a job.


Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Qualified Carpenter Required Adelaide, S.A, Australia Construction July 23, 2017

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