Having basic knowledge about the range of hardwood decking species available is highly beneficial for making an informed choice, whether you are a Do It Yourself enthusiast or you are planning to contract the project out


A common hardwood decking timber in Australia is Blackbutt. Named after the tree which it is milled from often having a black base as a result of grass fires. The common Blackbutt also known as Coastal Blackbutt(to distinguish it from similar species) is a blonde-colored large hardwood often used in exterior applications and structural supports.





Sourcing for Blackbutt hardwood is easy, as it is grown in Australia and readily available from most timber suppliers. It is predominantly found in forests across New South Wales up to Maryborough in Queensland and is one of Australia most important hardwood species. Most local timber merchants should be able to order it in if they don’t have it in stock.


The twin-town in Queensland, Blackbutt-Benarkin is named after the Blackbutt tree which is prevalent in the local surrounding forests .


Online merchants and city distributors are readily available for supply of Blackbutt Decks Australia-wide.




Blackbutt Decks are available in a number of sizes including but not limited to:

  • 135x19mm
  • 86x19mm
  • 64x19mm


Custom cut sizes are also offered by various Deck suppliers and some do offer better grades of Decking along with the standard ones. We have used sizes up to 290mm x 50mm, which can of course be machined to any size you require

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Blackbutt hardwood has a density of 900kg/m3 and a specific gravity of 0.9. which is harder than jarrah!!


It has a durability rating of Class 1 (very durable) for above ground decking, and Class 2(durable) for

in-ground installations which will give it 15 – 20 years in ground without a problem.


Its reliability and stability is top notch relative to other timbers but of course there is even more durable timbers if you are that way inclined.




If you have this question on your mind, you are not alone!


Blackbutt possesses quality features that make it suitable for many Decking and feature timber works.


  • Blackbutt is hard and tough but relatively easy to work with- a quality that has made it a popular choice for Decking.
  • Its sapwood is strong and resistant to borers.
  • Has attractive colors and patterns.
  • It has fire retardant properties, a great option for fire zoned dwellings.
  • The timber has mostly a straight grain which makes it a popular material for both internal and external use.
  • It has a low tannin level which makes it ideal to use around paving and on balconies, without getting everything near it stained


The downside to using Blackbutt decking can include:


  • Its tendency to split when not correctly pre-drilled.
  • Due to its natural oils, it can cause problems with some adhesives.
  • Its high density and hardness can be a workout for your saw blades



In all, if you are planning a feature fence, floor or deck, Blackbutt Decking might be a suitable choice.


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Sub-floor ventilation is generally recommended for your decking, and never forget to coat your boards on all sides with a sealant before installation to maxims its longevity.





Blackbutt decking is a good choice for an outdoor timber deck.


If you are building a new home then Blackbutt will be a standout choice, as it can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Thus your internal floors can complement your decking boards creating a natural flow from the inside to the outside.


If you live in a bush-fire region then Blackbutt should definitely be on your short list of choices of decking timbers. The durability and strength of the timber means that your deck will stand the test of time. And it is an appropriate choice if your house resides in a fire zone.



Now that you know a bit more about Blackbutt Decking, you can confidently make an informed decision on its adoption in your home renovation projects.